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Musikfilmer vi Minns

A one hour dance and music show with a live orchestra performing theme movie soundtracks. A collaboration between Uppsala Danscenter and Uppsala Blåsorkester, where I worked as a choreographer and had the main responsibility for the whole creative production.

Choreographer, Creative responsibility & Project leader: Elin Örneholm
Location: Svandammshallarna
Year: 2020


A production with both child and adult dancers from Uppsala Danscenter performing to live pieces played by Uppsala Blåsorkester with conductor Erik Hellerstedt. I planned the repertoire of the show together with Erik, choreographed the whole show, and had a project leading role.


I was commissioned to have the overall lead and responsibility of the project and to work in different roles, which apart from choreographing included: creating and designing posters and marketing material for promotion, planning and carrying through rehearsals, communicating between different parties, coordinating a large number of people and different actors, and arrange overall needs like light installation, light design, and sound equipment.


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