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Owe Thörnqvist 90 years

“Uppsala City” commissioned me to organize and perform a flash mob for Owe Thörnqvist’s 90th birthday. My role was choreographer & creative lead, meaning arranging everything from creating the flash mob to carrying it through, including choreographing, teaching, promoting, coordinating, creating press material, dancing, etc.

Choreographer, Creative lead & Project leader: Elin Örneholm
Location: Outdoors in Uppsala City
Year: 2019


Owe Thörnqvist turning 90 years old in 2019 was something that “Uppsala City” wanted to emphasize with a flash mob, commissioning me to carry through the project. I choreographed two numbers that were performed on Dragarbrunnsgatan street and Fyristorg square by a group of dancers leading the main parts. During the chorus, everyone from the general public was invited to join.


A series of sessions were arranged In order to teach the choreography, providing also online access to the learning material. The project was so successful that even Owe Thörnqvist himself contacted us and joined to watch the performance.


I was commissioned to have the overall responsibility and creative lead, working in different roles, which apart from choreographing and creating the final product included: creating online video learning material, planning and carrying through rehearsals, designing poster and creating a website for promotion, communicating between different parties, coordinating a large number of people and different actors, and arrange overall needs like acquiring material for the performance and sound equipment.


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