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STIL 2017 | The Greatest

"STIL" is a large annual fashion show. I have been hired by the hairstudio "Björn Ehlin Hairteam" for several years to choreograph their act in the show. Here is the result from STIL 2017 performed by me and two dancers, inspired by the music video of the song "The greatest" by SIA.

Choreographer: Elin Örneholm
Dancers: Elin Örneholm, Rebecka Vidmark, Johanna Söderhäll
Hair & Makeup: Björn Ehlin Hairteam
Camera: Magnus Nilsson
Year: 2017


"STIL" is a large annual fashion show in Uppsala arranged by Uppsalaekonomerna. The hair studio "Björn Ehlin Hairteam" have for a lot of years had the main responsibility for hair and makeup for all the models and always also have their own act at the fashion show showcasing their creative collections.


I have been commissioned on a yearly base by "Björn Ehlin Hairteam" as choreographer and creative responsible, to collaborate with the team of hairdressers for their performance at the show. I have been working a lot with Hairteam during the years both as a choreographer, dancer, model, in different creative projects.

"STIL" is one of my favourite projects! Hairteam always put their trust in me and are willing to try my ideas, giving me the freedom to create and explore without boundaries. Working with Hairteam is always a fun, creative process where everybody involved putting a lot of effort, time and energy in, and this always creates great results.


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